Salafi Wahabism, pub signs and cultural vandalism

A news article on the BBC website highlights the passion which people generally have for cultural heritage. In this story a brewery’s attempts to change pub signs was met with opposition and slated as cultural vandalism.

“Alan Jary, chairman of the Bury Society conservation group, said: “The Dog & Partridge is in a conservation area and the new signage was cultural vandalism.

“Traditional pub signs are works of art and an important aspect of the English urban landscape.

“The Spread Eagle sign is reminiscent of a filling station or supermarket sign, so we’re hoping Greene King will think again with these.””

We should applaud people taking a stand against cultural vandalism. I would also like to draw a comparison between this case and the actions of Salafi Wahabism toward the cultural heritage of the Muslim world and in particular their specific disdain and hatred for anything praising the Prophet (saw).


Salafi Wahabism has contributed nothing to culture and civility, but destruction.

Salafi Wahabism has a hatred for culture, especially poetry, literature and architecture associated with praising the Prophet (saw) of Islam. They have taken every opportunity to ransack, destroy and demolish anything associated with praising the Prophet (saw) in the name of combating shirk (polytheism) and bidah (innovation)

Salafi Wahabi repeatedly desecrated graves, burnt books, demolished architecture, destroyed calligraphy and attacked poetry praising the Prophet (saw). But their hatred culture is specifically confined to anything which praises the Prophet (saw).

An example of this would be leading Salafi Wahabi websites praising the poetry of Rudyard Kiplings whilst in the same breath attacking and vilifying poetry praising the Prophet (saw). For example the vitriol aimed against the Qasidah Al-Burdah specifically praising the Prophet (saw) has been relentless and without bounds, this is despite the fact this poem has been accepted by the Ummah, both the awaam (laypeople) and Ulema (jurists)

Is it not bizarre that Salafi Wahabis who feign adherence to Sunnah (tradition) of the Prophet (saw) have an aversion to things which inspire love of the Prophet (saw)?

What is it about Salafi Wahabism that its leaders can swoon to Kiplings secular poetry and yet they lose their minds when Imam Al Busiri praises the Prophet (saw)?

The answer is that Salafi Wahabism merely feigns religiuosity despite the excessive long unkempt beards and the middle eastern dress code, it all remains very superficial.

The Prophet (saw) described in hadith a group that would emerge, their external appearance and actions would appear Islamic, putting average muslims to shame, but this group of individuals would still be astray.


Muslims must understand Salafi Wahabism does not have its roots in the Salaf Us Saliheen and the consensus of the Ummah, but rather it brings an innovative destruction that only targets the expression of love for the Prophet (saw).

British National Party (BNP) calling for ‘explusion’ of mainstream Muslims because of Salafi Wahabism

It is interesting that the leader of the nazi BNP, Nick Griffin has the good sense to acknowledge that it is Wahabism that is the cause of the problem, yet his solution is to group all Muslims with this fanatical sect. Just as nazi BNP does not represent all British people and remains a fringe party, so too Salafi Wahabism does not represent or define mainstream muslims.


Non-Muslim commentators need to make a clear distinction between Salafi Wahabism and mainstream Orthodox Sunni Islam.

Muslims need to reclaim their faith from the fanatical salafi wahabism, they can do this by boycotting salafi wahabi extremist literature as sold by book shops like Salafibookstore and boycott their events and speakers who incite people, especially the youth, to extremist views.

Tony Blair, Islam, Woolwich terrorism and wahabi salafism

Tony Blair recently wrote an article in relation to the horrific murder of Drummer Rigby in Woolwich. The former Prime Minister noted:

“There is only one view of the murder of Lee Rigby: horrific. But there are two views of its significance.

One is that it is the act of crazy people, motivated in this case by a perverted idea about Islam, but of no broader significance.

Crazy people do crazy things. So don’t overreact.

The other view is that this act was indeed horrible; and that the ideology which inspired it is profound and dangerous.

I am of this latter view.”

What was that ideology to which these people belong to? As has been confirmed time and again that ideology is Salafi Wahabism, of course.–Tony-Blair-launches-brave-assault-Muslim-extremism-Woolwich-attack.html

The Khwarij have hijacked Islam

The question we should all be asking is where are the khwarij of today to be found?

What do they call themselves? What manhaj do they claim to be upon?

The answer is Salafi Wahabism.

This sect has hijacked Islam tarnished its image and brought blood shed and violence every where.

Its time for Muslims to seize back their religion from the militant extremism of Salafi Wahabism.