Do Salafi Wahabi follow Salaf us Saliheen(Righteous predecessors)?

Salafi Wahabis claim that they are merely following the way of the pious predecessors. Is this true? Well the pious predecessors are the first generations of Islam, the classical period of Islamic thought and the formative period of Islamic jurisprudence. This period gave rise to the juristic schools of thought that have been accepted by the Muslim Ummah unanimously. It is these juristic schools of Sunni Islam that Salafi Wahabi specifically target in a bid to tear down the splendor of Islam which is contained in its Fiqh. The Fiqh is the shariah and the shariah is what Allah and His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) says.

In a bid to attack and tear down this pillar of the Ummah, Salafi Wahabism since its inception has focused its attention on undermining the schools of thought and trying to invalidate them. As a consequence of this effort by the Salafi Wahabi many muslims have become misguided. The alternative which Salafi Wahabism provides to the muslim they have misguided is urge them (unqualified lay people) to interpret the primary text of Islam, Quran and hadith ad hoc for themselves, it is from this approach that extremist variants of Salafi Wahabism have justified terrorism and murder of innocent civilians. One of the key text which was printed and distributed by Salafi Wahabis in attacking and undermining the Sunni Schools of thought across the world was a book entitled ‘Blind following of Madhabs’ by Muhammed Sultan al-Ma’soomee printed by Salafi Wahabi in the UK.


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