Tony Blair, Islam, Woolwich terrorism and wahabi salafism

Tony Blair recently wrote an article in relation to the horrific murder of Drummer Rigby in Woolwich. The former Prime Minister noted:

“There is only one view of the murder of Lee Rigby: horrific. But there are two views of its significance.

One is that it is the act of crazy people, motivated in this case by a perverted idea about Islam, but of no broader significance.

Crazy people do crazy things. So don’t overreact.

The other view is that this act was indeed horrible; and that the ideology which inspired it is profound and dangerous.

I am of this latter view.”

What was that ideology to which these people belong to? As has been confirmed time and again that ideology is Salafi Wahabism, of course.–Tony-Blair-launches-brave-assault-Muslim-extremism-Woolwich-attack.html


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