British National Party (BNP) calling for ‘explusion’ of mainstream Muslims because of Salafi Wahabism

It is interesting that the leader of the nazi BNP, Nick Griffin has the good sense to acknowledge that it is Wahabism that is the cause of the problem, yet his solution is to group all Muslims with this fanatical sect. Just as nazi BNP does not represent all British people and remains a fringe party, so too Salafi Wahabism does not represent or define mainstream muslims.


Non-Muslim commentators need to make a clear distinction between Salafi Wahabism and mainstream Orthodox Sunni Islam.

Muslims need to reclaim their faith from the fanatical salafi wahabism, they can do this by boycotting salafi wahabi extremist literature as sold by book shops like Salafibookstore and boycott their events and speakers who incite people, especially the youth, to extremist views.


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