Salafi Wahabism, pub signs and cultural vandalism

A news article on the BBC website highlights the passion which people generally have for cultural heritage. In this story a brewery’s attempts to change pub signs was met with opposition and slated as cultural vandalism.

“Alan Jary, chairman of the Bury Society conservation group, said: “The Dog & Partridge is in a conservation area and the new signage was cultural vandalism.

“Traditional pub signs are works of art and an important aspect of the English urban landscape.

“The Spread Eagle sign is reminiscent of a filling station or supermarket sign, so we’re hoping Greene King will think again with these.””

We should applaud people taking a stand against cultural vandalism. I would also like to draw a comparison between this case and the actions of Salafi Wahabism toward the cultural heritage of the Muslim world and in particular their specific disdain and hatred for anything praising the Prophet (saw).


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